Selected Indicators
Population in 2011(In Crore) 9.13(P)
Average Annual Exponential Growth Rate(%) of Population: 2001-2011 1.31
Change inPercentage of Growth Rate(%) in last two decades(1991-2001 & 2001-2011) -3.84
Surface Area (In Sq. Km.) 88752
Percentage of Population Below Poverty Line*(2004-05) 20.60
Average Calorie Intake Per Day and Per Capita in 2009-10
Rural 2060
Urban 2027
Percentage Share of Expenditure in Food in 2009-10
Rural 63.4
Urban 46.2
Based on Mixed Recall Period consumption in which the consumer expenditure data for five Non-Food items are collected from 365 day recall period and the consumption data for the remaining items are collected from 30 day recall period
Source : 1. Census of India, 2001, 2011
2. Planning Commission, Government Of India
3. National Sample Survey Reports 2009-10,66th Round, Government Of India
Access to Safe Drinking Water
Percentage of Habitation covered against targetted households in 2010-11 90.00
Access to Sanitation
Percentage of Household covered as on 12-05-2012 95.14
Source : Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India
Agriculture and Industry
2009-10 2011-12(A)
Cultivated Area (Current Fallow+Net Sown Area) as percentage of total Land Area 64.24 64.09
Cultivated Area in Hectare per Agricultural Worker* 0.43 0.43
Net Sown Area in hectare per Agricultural Worker* 0.40 0.38
Yield rate of Cereal (Kg./Hectare) 2573 2728
Yield Rate of Tea 1940(E) 1984(E)
Index of Agricultural Production(Base: 1981-82=100) 267.3(P) 253.90(P)
Fertiliser Consumption per unit Gross Cropped Area(Kg./Hectare) 172.56 177.98(P)
Growth Rate(%) of index of Industrial Production (Base: 1999-2000=100) 4.37 16.32
*Agricultural Worker as per 2001 Census
Source : 1. Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal
2. Census of India, 2001
Life Expectancy at Birth (2011-15)
Male 69.2
Female 72.1
Total Fertility rate (Data received in December,2011) 1.9
Institutional Delivery(RCH - 2010-11) 68%
Children 12-23 months fully Immunized(RCH - 2010-11) 80.9%
Mothers who had three or more Antenatal Check-Up(RCH 2010-11) 71%
Source : 1. Hope to Reality,Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal
2. Health on the March, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal
Gender Gap in Literacy (Male Literacy Rate - Female Literacy Rate) 11.51
Gross Enrolment Ratio
Primary 110.66
Upper Primary 116.70
Net Enrolment Ratio
Primary 88.94
Upper Primary 71.98
Gender Parity Index(Ratio of Girls' Enrolment to Boys' Enrolment)
Primary 0.970
Upper Primary 1.060
Source : 1. DISE Reports,Paschimbanga Sarva Siksha Mission, Government of West Bengal
2. Census of India, 2001
P Provisional R Revised
E Estimated A Advance
Q Quick BE Budget Estimate
MW Mega Watt MU Million Unit
MKWH Million Killo Watt-Hour MT Metric Tonne
EM Entreprenuer Memorandum DLHS District Level Household and Facility Survey
RCH Reproductive and Child Health GSDP Gross State Domestic Product
NSDP Net State Domestic Product .. Not Available

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